Sewer/Water Site Utilities

There are over 1,650 miles of sewer and water infrastructure running under the streets of Chicago, and much of this infrastructure is more than 100 years old. Our work ties into this with every City of Chicago project we work on. We balance strong historical experience with innovative knowledge to present optimal solutions. This know-how translates to our projects throughout the Chicago-land area. We are a licensed drain-layer and plumbing contractor.


HSSC’s plumbers are skilled union members who each hold their own licenses, ensuring consistent quality control throughout and among all of our projects. We offer a complete plumbing and sewer package as a one-stop shop from service main ty-ins, into the building from the underground rough-in, and all the way up to the roof drains. We are a licensed, bonded plumbing contractor.


As an added service, we provide highly trained union operators for mass and building excavation as well as utility trenching for ourselves and other trades. This translates into fewer contractors requiring heavy equipment crowding the construction site, and allows for better project coordination.


Leading a renovation project from its earliest stages during the demolition phase, allows HSSC to gain first-hand knowledge of how both the site and the building will be rebuilt. Because most of our work is either buried beneath the ground or behind a wall, our team uncovers and shares with the project team unforeseen obstructions early on to avoid as many costly unforeseen conditions as possible. We are a licensed, bonded demolition contractor.


Spoil haul-off of our excavations to licensed facilities are an added service we provide when needed. If wanted, we are there to walk project site Owners through the waste profile approval process to ensure that all our spoil haul-off is sent to the proper facility for either reuse or proper disposal.

Hydrovac Excavation

Traditional excavation methods don’t always work. When there are utilities or other obstructions buried in the area being dug up, a more modern approach has to be taken. The Hydrovac Excavation process is a non-destructive digging process that consists of injecting pressurized water and a vacuum system to dig out soil, leaving a trench completely open. When conditions call for it, we have hydro-excavating and jetting capabilities too.

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